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Coconut House

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Go coco loco.

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I can think of so many things cooked with pasta and eat all these but with a twist. Coconut strips take the center stage in the menu of the Coconut House located in Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.

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Buko Pancit (Php105) is my favorite. Instead of noodles, the fresh coconut strips are stir fried with vegetables and seasoning. If you eat fast, you might not notice the difference because the coconut strips absorb the flavors and its texture passes off as real noodles.

pancit buko, coconut house 4

Buko Pancit

Coco Okoy (Php85) is my second favorite here.  The traditional okoy is cooked with shrimps. This one is made with coconut and vegetables, then deep fried. It’s so good especially when dipped in vinegar.

Coco Okoy, Coconut House 5

Coco Okoy

Buko Mami (Php95) was hard to believe. Imagine the regular noodle soup, now made with coconut strips and coconut juice. With those being two of the ingredients used, expect it to be slightly sweeter.

Buko Mami, Coconut House 6

Buko Mami

Coconut House also came out with new recipes.  Buko Palabok (Php105) is their version of Pancit Palabok with coconut strips, sauce, shrimps and eggs. They also serve Buko Spaghetti (Php125) and Buko Carbonara (Php125).

Buko Palabok

Buko Spaghetti

Buko Spaghetti

Buko Carbonara

Buko Carbonara

Pork Sinigang sa Buko (Php325) is sinigang with coconut strips and cooked with coconut juice. It’s a bit sweeter than the usual sinigang with pork, vegetables and tamarind broth. This is good for sharing.

Pork Sinigang sa Buko

Pork Sinigang sa Buko

For dessert, their Coco Halo-Halo (Php85) is the best.  The usual Filipino dessert with shaved ice, sweetened fruits, beans and milk is given a new dimension. This time, it’s made with a special coco ice mix instead of regular ice and I think that makes this better than the regular halo-halo. It also has leche flan, sweetened bananas and macapuno. It’s served with a scoop of ice cream on top, but not the ordinary kind — it’s what they call the fruity coco non-dairy ice cream made with coconut milk.

Coco Halo-Halo

Coco Halo-Halo

fruity coco ice cream

fruity coco ice cream

They also sell other products made from coconut like bags, accessories, soap, oil, sugar and more.

coconut house 7

Right outside the restaurant, you can find their ice cream shop, the Coconut Ice Cream Hut. The products of course include ice cream made from coconut milk.

Coconut Ice Cream Hut

I first went to the Coconut House with friends. I enjoyed it so much that I recommended it to be featured in the cooking show Sarap Pinoy (Saturdays 6:30am GMA News TV). It was approved and cooking demo segments of their dishes were aired in the show. Watch one of the segments here.

coconut house cooking demo

coconut house cooking demo

And I still kept on coming back. I wanted more friends to experience it too. Plus of course, the generous manager Jaime Hernandez gave discounts and freebies.

coconut house

coconut house  (16)Read about Coconut house, its history, updated menu and more, click here. Coconut House is inside Quezon Memorial Circle. Open daily from 7AM to 9PM. For inquiries, food delivery, catering and party reservations, here are the contact details:

(02) 392-4115 / /

*Prices subject to change without prior notice

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*Photos were taken by the Sarap Pinoy staff, John-Ben Rodriguez, Markley Villarin and myself.