Ace Water Spa

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Get ready to get wet!

It’s a one of a kind massage and they call it hydrotherapy massage at Ace Water Spa.

Initially I was skeptic.

I mean really. When I have pain in the muscles, I’d like real massage. I’ve dipped into jacuzzis with water jets but that just cannot do the job.

But this is not a jacuzzi.

I was in for a surprise because Ace Water Spa’s amazing. The place has different sections in the water area you can go to depending on which body part you want massaged. There’s a button you push to start the hydro experience.

I had aching back muscles when I visited Ace Water Spa so I went to the area where I had to lie down. Face down, I pressed the button and the water started pouring from above. It’s not like the regular shower because believe me the pressure was strong and it was actually massaging my back.

Back Massage

I did this three times. Don’t do that. That was my mistake. After the third time, My back felt some pain because I overdid it. My muscles became slightly sore and I felt tired.

There’s another area for the lower back muscles and waist area. I sat and the water was up to my chest. I pushed the button and the aqua jets did the job specifically hitting my lower back and sides.

Lower back and sides massaged

Another was done standing for the head and shoulder massage. It seemed endless, I just had to try all the areas.

Head and shoulder massage

The hydrotherapy massage makes use of ultrasonic jet system with aquatic jets strategically positioned to target specific areas of the body.

There’s also hot herbal pools and a cold pool. You can choose from lavender, jasmine or mint, or try all. Dipping into the hot herbal pools ought to make the guest feel relaxed, blood flow stimulated and toxins released. Well, this depends on the guest’s tolerance for water temperature. I found it very hot. But others liked it.

Hot Herbal Pools (Lavender, Jasmine and Mint)

After the hot herbal pool, the guest can dip into the cold pool to keep the body temperature healthy.

Cold Pool

Guests can swim in the pools or just float lazily and let the lazy river move you around. The lazy river has its current that goes around the entire pool.

Lazy River

They have floor fountains, steam rooms and sauna.

Floor Fountains

They require guests to wear fitted swimwear, bathing suits, trunks, cycling shorts or rash guard for tops. Regular shirts, shorts and even board shorts are not allowed. In case you don’t have the required attire, you can rent or buy swimwear at Ace Swim Shop.

They have locker rooms, shoe racks, shower areas and changing areas.

Locker Room

They do not allow food and drinks and guests are recommended not to eat heavily before going to the spa to avoid vomiting. After the experience though, they serve good food at the Ace Coffee Lounge.

The rate for adults is Php550 which allows you to use the facilities for four (4) hours. I think that time is reasonable. For kids 4 feet below, it’s Php250.

399 Del Monte Avenue (near the corner of Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 367-8040 to 41 / (02) 367-8061 to 62 / (02) 415.0164 Fax (02) 415-2477
They also have a branch in Pasig City at United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City with trunkline number: (02) 451-1111

Spa Inquiries :
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Ace Coffee Lounge Inquiries :

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4 responses

  1. Honey Manzano-Guerzon | Reply

    Interesting place, is it safe & okay for pregnant women and children?

    1. hi honey, yes it’s safe. just ask the lifeguards there which is okay for you 🙂 yung dadapa, definitely hindi pwede sa buntis.

  2. Junette Gonzales | Reply

    Parang gusto kong i-treat dito ang mom ko para sa holidays. 🙂 Open kaya sila?

    1. Hi Junette. That’s a very sweet thought. You can contact them first 399 Del Monte Avenue (near the corner of Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City
      Telephone Numbers: (02) 367-8040 to 41 / (02) 367-8061 to 62 / (02) 415.0164 Fax (02) 415-2477. Btw, they are very strict with the swimming attire. God bless!

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