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Victim or Victor

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Do you have a Facebook account? I do. I love Facebook. It helps me connect. It keeps me updated.

One day, when I opened my Facebook account, the format suddenly changed. It became Timeline. Oh boy! I couldn’t post the photos in full view anymore. I could only reposition it.

I tried asking for help. Several times I used different applications. Bottomline, it was still in Timeline.

How should I respond to this situation? I could choose to hate it, complain about it and be miserable. Or, I could embrace it, learn how to maximize it and be happy with it.

The choice was mine to make. It’s clearer. I don’t want to be miserable. So I had to accept it and smile.

Life is sort of like that.

There are things done to us without our permission. When we are robbed. When someone makes a mistake that affects us directly. When there are typhoons and properties are damaged.

How do you respond?

Do you respond like a victim and become consumed with self-pity, anger, envy?

Or, will you choose to respond like a victor and rise above?

In the bible it says, “Rejoice in the Lord always, I shall say it again, Rejoice! ” (Philippians 4:4)

And I think that that’s a command from my God, to rejoice. Why not? There are so many things to be happy about.

So when faced with different situations, I want to choose to be a victor and rejoice.

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Loboc’s Bridge To Nowhere

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Bridge To Nowhere.

One of the most popular bridges in the province of Bohol is found in the town of Loboc.

It’s often visited by tourists as a side trip before or after their Loboc River Cruise.

In the docking area before I went on board the floating restaurant for the river cruise, I finally had a closer view of the infamous bridge right in front of the Loboc Church.

It’s just so weird. It’s a bridge to nowhere. Usually bridges connect two areas to help us get from one point to the next. But this one, well, it was never finished.

It wasn’t built high enough to go above the church.

Some say it was about bad planning and corruption. Budget obtained allegedly had to be justified for its release so the bridge had to begin construction to show that money was going somewhere. The concrete bridge was for land vehicles crossing the Loboc River. But they didn’t have enough budget to demolish the church. The construction stopped. They also didn’t have enough budget to demolish the unfinished bridge. So now, it’s become an attraction.

It’s like a park today. Lights were put up. It’s also decorated with colorful plants.

At the end of the bridge fronting the church, stairs were constructed for tourists and locals on foot.

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The whole Bohol experience was part of the shoot I did for the travel show I host “I Love Pinas” aired in the Philippines and abroad. The staff and I took the photos. Know the airing schedule of the show, click here. Please like “I Love Pinas” on Facebook, click here. Please like my food and travel Facebook page, click here.


Loboc River Cruise

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Relax cruising Loboc River while enjoying buffet on board the floating restaurants. Get a glimpse of how Boholanos (natives of Bohol Province) live their everyday lives along the river. And experience something new through their interactive entertainment.

From Tagbilaran Airport in Bohol Province, you can rent a van going to the town of Loboc or arrange for the transportation by getting in touch with the contacts below.

After about half an hour trip to Loboc from Tagbilaran, I saw so many stalls offering the river cruise. And I think that was great because there were so many tourists in the area and to be able to accommodate them all, there ought to be a lot of floating restaurants available. You can choose from the available stalls which offer different menus for their buffet, pay the fees then proceed to the docking area.

The fees which include the meal, cruise and entrance would amount to around Php500 only.

In the docking area while waiting for the Loboc Riverwatch Floating Resto, I saw this weird bridge right before the Loboc Church.

Why is this bridge weird? Read more about the “Bridge To Nowhere” by clicking here.

The floating restos are built on top of several boats attached together. When you board, you’ll see the buffet set up at the center and tables and chairs around it.

There’s a band playing contemporary and classics. I chuckled when they played their rendition of “Call Me Maybe” (by Carly Rae) with a touch of country style. The tourists on board were allowed to sing with the band depending on the number of available microphones.

When the floating resto started moving, the buffet also began. Included in the menu were green mangoes with bagoong (shrimp paste), seaweed salad, soup, pork barbecue, buttered chicken, vegetables, crab, suman (glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves) and fruits. The best dish for me was the grilled fish. The food was okay but not spectacular.

During the cruise you can enjoy the view of the locals paddling their boats, kids jumping off the top of the trees and into the river and dogs swimming too. I also saw tourists in small boats with their tour guides.

Before we made a u-turn back, they said I was going to see the Busay Falls. So I stared hard, looking far beyond. And then, I started laughing.

The Busay Falls were actually “cute” falls. They were like a meter in height. The smallest falls I’ve seen.

On the way back, we made a stop over for the interactive cultural show. This was the highlight of the cruise for me.

Locals wearing traditional costumes were singing and dancing.

Tourists can join in the dancing.

I tried to dance the Tinikling with them. It’s a traditional Filipino dance making use of bamboo poles. They tap the bamboo poles together I think after every two counts. The dancer steps over and in between the poles before they are tapped together. Timing is very important lest you get your feet squished.

It was exciting. Though my timing was bad, the pole handlers were kind enough to delay the tapping of the poles until my feet were secured. I looked awful dancing the tinikling and I just had to laugh at myself again and again.

A few minutes after the show, we went back to the docking area. The whole experience took about an hour or so. But it sure felt like a lot happened.

Address: Poblacion Sawang, Loboc Municipality, Bohol Province
Telephone Number: (038) – 537 – 9460
Cellphone: 0918-5104032 * 0917-3060010
0917-3822254 * 0912-8948105

The whole Bohol experience was part of the shoot I did for the travel show I host “I Love Pinas” aired in the Philippines and abroad. The staff and I took the photos. Know the airing schedule of the show, click here. Please like “I Love Pinas” on Facebook, click here. Please like my food and travel Facebook page, click here.

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Zip Southern Leyte

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Fly across two mountains almost a kilometer apart! Whew, that’s the Zip Southern Leyte experience.

The Zip Southern Leyte is also called Agas-Agas Zipline because it’s located on top of the Agas-Agas Bridge in Barangay Kahupian, Sogod Municipality in Southern Leyte Province.

To get here, you can fly from Metro Manila to Tacloban City, Leyte Province and rent a van available at the airport for a two to three hour drive. Southern Leyte Province is a separate province from Leyte.

First, I tried the cable car. This can fit up to six persons. When it started moving I was very relaxed enjoying the view of the bridge.

After I and my friends went past the bridge, our other buddies played a joke and convinced the operator to stop the cable car. With the sudden stop, we started swinging a bit. Imagine the feeling, way up there and swinging!

Oh boy, I held on to the metal bar so tightly. I could see how high we were triggering my fear of heights.

Then we started moving again, thank God. The cable car one-way trip is 600 meters long and we were 110 meters high.

It takes about 12 minutes for the two-way travel. They charge Php200 per person and Php100 for children 5-10 years old.

Next actvity — the zipline. It’s 880 meters long, almost a kilometer. They strapped me to the harness and I was ready to go.

Everything was okay flying over the bridge, but after that, I saw how high I was and closed my eyes. Hahahaha! Epic fail.

The zipline goes one way only. A motorcycle will bring you back to the station.

Because I closed my eyes, I had to do it again.

And I did. I braced myself and flew for the second time. My arms were clipped so I flew faster. When your arms are outstretched, the travel time increases. And again I saw how high I was so I squinted. I did a better job the second time around.

The zipline is priced at Php280. But if you want another round, the second try will only cost you Php140.

The rates may change. For more details get in touch with:
Analyn Alvarez (cashier) 0916-1218609
Edwin Sacdalan (owner) 0908-893-0198

Where to go and what to do in Leyte? Click here.


The Zip Southern Leyte adventure was part of the shoot for the travel show I host, I Love Pinas. Watch it every Thursday 11:59pm at GMA News TV (QTV) in the Philippines. It is shown worldwide via GMA Life TV (click here for the internatonal airing schedule). The photos were taken by Karen Santiago, Ayi Rayos, Next Layderos and myself.



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