Dagupan Bangus Festival’s Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan

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Colorful Costumes during GILON GILON ED DALAN

Dancing with Bangus Props

Ready to party!!!

Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan is the vibrant and colorful street dancing competition celebrated during Dagupan’s Bangus Festival.

Gilon Gilon Ed Dalan roughly means catching fish in the streets. Thus the choreography, costumes, props and movements are related to catching bangus or milkfish done in the streets.

Dancing with the Street Dancers

It was my first time to experience this during the Bangus Festival 2012 and I really, really had so much fun. Taking photos, walking the crowded streets and yes, dancing.

Thousands, mostly tourists, flocked the streets to enjoy this event.

I couldn’t help it, so I joined the street dancing, borrowed the props and danced with them whenever the choreography was simple.

Street Dancers with baskets used to catch fish

Each dance group was accompanied by a band, mostly drums and trumpets. They marched a few meters, stopped and gave their dance number lasting five to ten minutes and then marched again to show their stuff to the tourists waiting a few meters away. Each group did this for like dozens of times so people also offered them water to drink. This was to make sure the people from whhichever part of the route they were, saw and enjoyed the presentations.

For the Dagupan Bangus Festival 2012, more than 30 dance groups representing their Barangays joined.

They do this yearly, originally as a thanksgiving for abundant harvest of fish the previous year.



Colorful Costumes


Tourists Posing with Street Dancers


Street Dancer smiling for the camera


With Boat and Paddle


The whole Dagupan experience was part of the shoot I did for the travel show I host “I Love Pinas” aired in the Philippines and abroad. The staff and I took the photos. Know the airing schedule of the show, click here. Please like “I Love Pinas” on Facebook, click here. Please like my food and travel Facebook page, click here.


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