Museo de Santa Rosa

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Gusaling Museo


Blast from the City of Sta. Rosa’s past.

It was like stepping into a house from the Spanish era. The walls, the colors, the wooden floor.

have you tried using these?

There’s that flat iron where you put charcoal to heat it. Hmm, if I use that today, my clothes would smell like smoke or maybe I’d smell like a delicious grilled steak.

Another item there was this rice grinder (gilingan ng bigas in Filipino). I think raw rice then had to go through grinding to be made into rice cakes and other sweets.

The modest museum showcases old furniture, artifacts and portraits of how the city was to help the Rosenians, citizens of Sta. Rosa, appreciate their rich heritage.

This occupies the second floor of the building and the local tourism office is located at the ground floor.

The tourism office provides information about the city and can give suggestions about where to go and what to do when in Sta. Rosa.

Museo de Sta Rosa

For more information:

Visit  |  |

Call: 049-530-0015 local 3701, 3702 (City Information Office)

Here’s part of what’s written in the museum:

second floor of the building

“Ang bulwagang ito ay nagpapakita ng pag-inog ng kasaysayan at kalinangan ng bayang unang tinawag na “Bario Bocol”.

Ang kakaibang pamumuhay noong panahon ng Kastila ay naglalarawan ng kasaganaan ng mga sinaunang angkan, Mahigit na dalawampu ang natitirang bahay na bato at bahay Kastila sa lugar na ito.

Mga kasangkapang gawa sa matigas na kahoy tulad ng narra, kamagong, nililok at binarnisan, mga babasaging gamit tulad ng kristal , porselana, mga salamin, larawan ng mga ninuno at matataas na tao ng lipunan ang makikita dito. Ang bulwagang ito ay salamin ng ating nakalipas.”

And here’s the message of City Mayor Arlene Arcillas:

And how better can we understand our past except in seeing them, touching , feeling them… in a museum.

Indeed, the objects that we see, touch and feel in a museum tell our story as a people, as a community, as a nation.

These artifacts, relics, artworks, photographs, documents, and the like are the core of our memory, and when we lose these, we also tose our ability to comprehend and appreciate our past and consequently we lose our foundation in building our future.

This is the reason why the Museo de Santa Rosa was established – for us Rosenians, to become proud of our heritage, appreciate our historic past and draw inspiration from our forebearers.

The Museo de Santa Rosa is not only a repository of things that remind us of our past… it is our cultural heritage center from where we, Rosenians, can build the City of Santa Rosa as one community sharing a common vision, building a shared future.”



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